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32″ X 2″ X 51″ Gloss Black Glass Mirror


32″ X 2″ X 51″ Gloss Black Glass Mirror

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Prettify your area with an pattern that?s unique and exclusive at the same time with this delightful mirror. Its contemporary style is certain to get rid of that insignificant feel of interest, and the excellence of its gloss finish and gloss color will grant your place a savor of style. This mirror is brightly made, from high quality glass. It?s both exceptional and tasteful, and it?s tough as well. It?s impeccable for those who want to liven up the air of their place. If you want a useful, stunning, and long-lasting mirror, this is the one for you.
Case Pack: 1
Color: Gloss Black
Material: Glass
Finish: Gloss
Number Of Cartons: 1


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