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Rectangle Natural Accent Mirror with Matte Finish Frame


Rectangle Natural Accent Mirror with Matte Finish Frame

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For an embellished space and every-day functionality, this is the perfect mirror. Its style ensure there’s no dullness in your rooms, and its finish and Natural color will provide you with some style. This mirror is skillfully made, from high quality materials. It’s both extraordinary and durable as well. It’s perfect for those who want to perk up the atmosphere of their place. Constructed with care with a wood grain texture, this mirror is a crisp and trendy piece that is sure to stand the test of time. This mirror is an earthy piece, featuring a natural wood color that allows the unique wood grain to show through. The woodgrain texture, matte finish and the natural color of this mirror unite wonderfully to give off natural. As for measurements, they are 41.5″ for height, 1.8″ for width, and 31.5″ for depth, and it weighs 16 pounds. If you want a useful, splendid, and long-lasting mirror, this is the one for you.
Case Pack: 1
Color: Natural
Material: Polystyrene Frame
Number Of Cartons: 1


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