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S 2 Handcrafted Tulum Rattan Trays


S 2 Handcrafted Tulum Rattan Trays

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Durable and stylish, the Set of 2 Rattan Trays is a handy addition to your home. Enjoy the functionality of the low baskets and use them for serving beverages or food on a decorative plate. Beautifully handcrafted and designed to have a look and feel of the rattan trays made by Tulum artisans, these trays are not only eye-catching but also incredibly useful for organizing small things, or enjoy changing it up and adding colorful accessories for everyday and seasonal displays. The set includes one 16.25″ W x 16.25″ D “x 3.50 H small tray and one 18.50″ W x 18.50” D x 4.00″H large tray.
Case Pack: 2
Color: Natural bamboo
Material: 85% Bamboo, 15% Wood
Finish: Natural bamboo
Number Of Cartons: 1


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