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Steampunk Airship Metal Model


Steampunk Airship Metal Model

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Enamored of a world where steam power still rules and machines are big, complicated, and beautiful, steampunk enthusiasts imagine an alternate version of history, where the dress code demands petticoats and suit vests and airships are the most romantic forms of all transportation. As one would expect in a fantasy world, they come in great variety ? made for battle, trade, or leisure, they fly over modern cityscapes and bucolic valleys alike. This item will take you into a world of fantasy where you have never ventured to! It features many intricate details including engine propeller, ladder, fins, riggings and a rowboat connected to its frame. All details are welded and are completely handmade.
Case Pack: 1
Color: Multi
Material: Metal
Finish: Matte
Number Of Cartons: 1


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